5 Best Ways to Acquire More Popularity through Periscope Promotion

 Posted on : 14-Aug-2017


The future of live streaming video success belongs to leaders that embrace conversion, being human, and letting go. That means being willing to experiment and improvise as needed. What streaming video does best is allow brands to drop the corporate veil, connect human-to-human, and allow users to participate in brand storytelling in ways that enrich the customer experience. Due to all this live video marketing has become a sensational trend in the online marketing community to explore more customers reach for products and services of a brand. There are so many brands that are already a well known name in their niche but still using this live streaming video feature for their promotion in order to connect their customers with the products and services in real time. Name list of brands that are using live streaming videos are Dunkin Donuts, Buzzfeed, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Red Bull and many more. So to start with this advert way for your business or talent opt the most apt platform for you is an important task to do.

As per the market study for live streaming videos platform we could argue that no technology, app or website has risen to such prominence as quickly as Periscope. With this one thing which is quite clear is that it’s an amazing tool to create a strong community with huge following and a high engagement of users. But there are still many things to learn in a bid to produce a successful broadcast over Periscope, like how to attract more audience with your broadcast, what content is good to start off with and many more. So to overcome from some related issues here are some best tips to follow for your Periscope broadcast:

1) Make you profile notable: Your profile over Periscope is your face that represent you among people, so always make it impressive in all way. Important tip to keep your profile attractive is to update different info on Periscope profile instead of having same as you keep on your twitter account. You have to tweak it to fit your Periscope aim and you can mention your website URL in your bio section.

2) Make your title more eye-catching: Your title is the thing which explains your broadcast purpose and helps you to divert more people who are searching for the same thing. If the title doesn’t explain the purpose of the broadcast, the chance of getting more eyeballs would be diminish.

3) Give implication to comments: Live stream is a great way to attract the target audience for a real time dialog and answer all the questions your followers have been waiting for your answer. The most convenient part about it is that you don’t need to answer prepared questions; means you have to answer the question of your followers asked them on the spot. This is also a great way to increase your engagement with your followers and to get trust by your fans.

4) Get everything ready before your broadcast: To avoid your stress for broadcasting, you can prepare everything before your broadcast and can make your broadcast more successful. You have to pay attention for some of your setting while broadcasting like to your location arrow, which allows your viewers to see the location from where you are broadcasting. Lock symbol, through this you can make your broadcast private for a few targeted followers. Speech bubble symbol, this option allows you to only let people you follow comment and chat over your broadcast. Twitter post, through this you can increase your brand awareness by connecting your Periscope profile with Twitter. Through doing this all your broadcasts will immediately be re-tweeted and all your followers will be get update about your news.

5) Best platform to increase brand awareness: If you are going to introduce a new service or products to the market, Periscope can be a good platform to pull off a whole show by introducing your service or products to the customers through live streaming.

Broadcasting live is really a fun and gives you an opportunity to interact with your viewers in more real way. So don’t be afraid of it and start to do it now for your business or talents show to the entire world.

To give new wings to your business promotion heights through social media promotion hope these tricks will help you out in your Periscope promotion and in the next we will discuss on “How To Increase Your Business Revenue Through Facebook Marketing”. Keep reading our upcoming post and give us your valuable feedback and comments.

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