Smart Tips to Increase Your Vevo Videos Ranking

 Posted on : 16-May-2017


With invent of smart digital devices videos getting more popular as mostly people enjoy watching videos on their digital devices. According to research, the amount of time people spend watching video is increasing markedly and videos are getting good responses from viewers. The democratization of video technology makes it possible for anyone who has a Smartphone to make and share videos and marketing and advertising people are being increasingly sophisticated in their use of entertaining videos. Due to more involvement of people with videos, video marketing is getting wider with each pace of time spending. So to advertise your brand through videos you must be careful if you don’t want to be just one of the masses. You want to stand out. Before going with videos advertisement selection of a best platform is the key to get success in your work. So starting with a great platform like Vevo for your videos promotion is really the key factor for more growth and can be booster to your popularity if you are a music artist and using Vevo for sharing your music video with your fans and followers.

Vevo is an online music entertainment platform that allows you to personalize your work and experience with music lovers- both as a fan and a music producer. Vevo allows users to create playlists and recommend music videos they like to their friends which also presents a great opportunity to get huge followers for your music. Because Vevo users have a dynamic recommendation system to use, the experience is an interactive one, which means they tend to stay on the site for longer – and watch more videos. Vevo also strongly support independent artists by allowing them to earn royalties for their music work. Due to all these favorite feature of this platform, Vevo is the largest music video platform of its kind in the world.

How to promote yourself on Vevo as an artist?

If you want to get your music on Vevo, you will need the help of one of several affiliated music distribution companies – you cannot sign up directly with Vevo if you want to use it to promote your own music by uploading live performances, rehearsals and studio recording of your music. For a relatively small fee, the service will help you to create your music channel. You will then be taken through the process of uploading your music videos and ensuring they meet the required quality standards.

1) Make your profile eye-catching

Once your own music has been uploaded to Vevo, it’s important to play an active role in the online community. Make sure you have a descriptive and engaging profile – something music distribution companies will help you with – so people who like your music can get to know you a little better.

2) Choose a brand name

Vevo music channels are usually named after the artist, so it’s important to ensure that your chosen band or performing name is one that you will stick to. Once you have paid the initial registration fee, it usually takes between two and three weeks for your first uploaded video to go live on the Vevo website. At this point, anyone with an account will be able to watch your videos. Subsequent uploads will be added to the same channel far more quickly, unless you register the name of a different act.

3) Time to get active in Vevo community

When your videos are online, it’s time to start playing an active role in the Vevo community. Start watching videos in your own music genre, and share them via your website or social media accounts where appropriate. Start your own playlists, and encourage your followers to share them with other users. And wherever possible, draw the attention of other users to your own work.

4) Take advantage of Vevo interactivity

You can also get huge viewers for your Vevo videos through YouTube, as Vevo videos can be linked to YouTube.

This all is perfect strategy to follow for promoting your videos over Vevo. So start doing this and get your videos on top of search result. Thanks for giving your valuable time and consideration and don’t forget to read our upcoming post on videos marketing.

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